Theory of Change

The Kenneth King Foundation’s theory of change defines our purpose through a cause-and-effect logic statement, providing a 50,000 foot view of our desired change.  Our logic model outlines our theory and assumptions that ground our mission, vision, and funding interests.  Our three main funding areas are outlined with short and long-term outcomes with program activities and processes, alongside theoretical assumptions and principles.  We believe this framework provides enhanced understanding of how your organizations program may or may not align with the Kenneth King Foundation’s goals.

Step 1: Inputs

Step 2: Activities

Step 3: Intermediate Outcomes

Step 4: Short Term Outputs

Step 5: Overall Impact

Coloradoans from all backgrounds have the opportunities and resources they need to pursue social, education, career and workforce pathways that enable them to thrive in today’s age.

  • Housing Stability
  • Improved job prospects
  • Livable wage
  • Long-term positive employment outlook
  • Professional training and applicable certifications
  • Positive outlook on life
  • Financial literacy knowledge
  • Retirement savings
  • New net jobs created/jobs sustained

Key Assumptions

Program Theory and Logic Model for three main funding areas:

  1. Removing Barriers to Employment
  2. Employment Programming
  3. Entrepreneurship Pathways

Each area represents 25% of the Foundation’s annual funding by program area/portfolio.  The remaining 25% is dedicated towards legacy projects and pre-determined arts/culture/humanities grants.

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